Acrylic Nails$50 Full Set | $35 Fill
Sculpted Gel Nails$75 Full Set | $35 Fill
Acrylic Pink & White Nails$75 Full Set | $60 Fill
Gel Pink & White Nails$95 Full Set | $60 Fill
Gel Overlay (*includes Shellac polish)$45
Acrylic Removal$20
Add Shellac$10
Swarovski Crystals / Pave Crystals$10+
3-D Nails$10 per nail
Nail Art / Add French$5+
Broken Nail Fix$5 per nail
Mimosa Glow Mani$35
Mother Glows Best Pedi$50

Feet and legs dip into sparkling vitamin-rich soaking oils with a vibrant clementine scent. Relax as steaming towels treated with honey, aloe and live papaya fruit cells wrap and soften your hands. Fine grained sweet cream salt scrub is worked into tired feet and legs, smoothing the rough edges and revealing the new skin beneath. Last, enjoy a silky massage with a floral shea butter infusion containing blood orange oil and live fruit cells to bring legs and feet back to life!

TBB Crème Mani$25
Quick Shot Mani$15
Shellac Mani$35 (with April, $45)
Bourbon, Neat (Gentleman’s Mani)$20
Princess Mani (Ages 3-8)$15

Oh, happy nights! As we begin your treatment, close your eyes and imagine a quiet, shimmering beach with slow waves lapping against the sand in the moonlight. You’re in paradise now! Ease into an Epsom & Himalayan sea salt soother – ideal for detoxing tired muscles. Cheers to kissing dead skin goodbye with a watermelon and organic vodka-infused body scrub! Then, an advanced relief foaming whip envelops legs and feet, infusing skin with calming chamomile, arnica montana and green tea extracts. Skin is ready to rest easy with a massage finale of whipped shea butter with notes of licorice blossom, powder and spun sugar.

Sweet Tea Surrender$40

Honey and Magnolia flower essence wrap the room as you soak in a special blend of grapeseed, olive and orange peel oils that nourish your skin with antioxidants and vitamins. Next, you’re whipped into softness with a Sweet Tea Shea butter sugar polish with notes of ginger tea and peach. Finally, a Pink Moon Shea Butter massage that leaves hints of licorice blossom, powdery- soft spun sugar and fig. Enjoy this sweet tea brew all summer long!

Rum Punch$40

A fruity celebration awaits! Soak in an antioxidant rich Clementine sparkling soak before a Butter Rum scrub sends to you smooth operator status. Be whipped into a silky finish with a shea butter massage with delicious sangria notes of mango, melon, peach and strawberry. Bottom’s up!

Hot Whiskey Scour (Gentleman’s Pedi)$30

Feet are loosened up in a warm, buttery Nectar Milk soak before you’re buffed and scrubbed with a spike of molten Bourbon. This quick fix is finished with an Agave Nectar massage – don’t drink from the bowl!

Princess Pedi (ages 3-8)$20
Polish Change$10
Shellac Removal$10
Hand or Foot Treatment w/ Hot Wrap
Your choice of…
– Warm Agave Nectar Oil
– Marshmallow Shea Butter Melt
– Honey Heel Glaze
– Chocolate Mask
Nail Art / French$5
Whoopie Pie Bomb$5
Honey Heel Glaze & Crème Foot Cocoon$7